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Download The Lord of the Rings The Third Age GC ISO Free Online

Download The Lord of the Rings The Third Age GC ISO

And no! The hero is neither Aragorn, nor Frodo, nor anyone else that we know, he is simply a bugger named Berethor whom neither you nor I have ever heard of. So far it’s not too bad, except that barely 10 minutes of play and a fight against two Nazgul later an ugly elf, I named Idrial, fly to your rescue. Your mission as the Scout of Gondor is going to be to help the true Fellowship of the Ring (basically the non-bumblebee) in their quest to cleanse the world of Sauron the Dark Lord. For this various allies will join you like Hadhod the comic dwarf (private joke), or Elegost the Ranger, and others thereafter. Your task will take you to the same places as the community, which are also of impressive fidelity (especially Minas Tirith or the mines of Moria). Your main quest is itself only a succession of small quests (quests in the quest …) very simple like “go to the tower” or “warn the guards”. Each completed quest earns experience points for the character who completes the quest (the one who appears on the map is as simple as that). The story is therefore the one that we know lived from another angle by characters who do not save the world but who only follow the real heroes, even if we all note the presence of a little scriptwriting touch. more…

Download The Lord of the Rings The Third Age GC ISO Free Online

Game Name:The Lord of the Rings The Third Age
Game Release:02/11/2004
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Image Format:ISO



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