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Download Star Ocean: First Departure PSP ISO Free Online

Download Star Ocean: First Departure PSP ISO

Star Ocean: First Departure is a RPG video game published by Square Enix released on October 21, 2008 for the PlayStation Portable.
Roddick, Millie and Dorn lead a peaceful life in their village, content to fend off the monsters threatening the surroundings. As life goes on, a strange evil strikes the neighboring village. Worried, Millie’s father will go there to eradicate the evil, forbidding the three companions to follow him. Ignoring her father’s injunctions, Millie, worried about her non-return, decides to join her father. Our heroes are unfortunately not aware of what awaits them. They will discover that the whole village is struck by a virus which turns everyone to stone. In addition, this devastating virus is transmitted by simple touch. Despite their precautions, Dorn will also find himself infected. While all seems lost and no cure is possible, their salvation comes from two strangely dressed people. Ronyx and Ilia claim to come from another planet with more advanced civilization and that they are there to help them despite the ban on violating the Pact of Preservation of Underdeveloped Planets.
Having little choice, our two friends will therefore accept the crazy bet of crossing space and time to defeat the virus at the source …

Download Star Ocean: First Departure PSP ISO Free Online

Game Name:Star Ocean First Departure
Game Release:2008-10-21
Publisher:Square Enix
Image Format:ISO


Star_Ocean_-First_Departure(USA).zip Onedrive856mb

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