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Download Persona 2 Tsumi – Innocent Sin PS1 ISO Free Online

Download Persona 2 Tsumi – Innocent Sin PS1 ISO

It’s a day like any other in Sumaru, a small (fictional) Japanese coastal town. Only if we omit the fact that more and more persistent rumors which seem to come true are popping up everywhere; especially that of the Joker, this mysterious individual capable of granting the dearest wishes if one deigns to invoke him … Things that seem to matter little to Tatsuya Suou, a somewhat asocial high school student and fan of bike, designated despite himself as type the coolest at Seven Sisters High School where he studies. Against his will, he finds himself involved in a gue-war with the neighboring high school, at least in a vendetta led by his boss Eikichi “Michel” Mishina, a narcissistic punk a little effeminate on the edges. Tatsuya therefore sets off for the duel, followed by Lisa Silverman, blonde on duty totally crazy about him … to finally realize a rather funny misunderstanding, during which the three loustics will reveal their Personae: their alter-egos . Discussions are rife and the story of rumors comes naturally to the table, so does the ritual of the Joker. This is then accomplished in order to prove its factitious character … but which to everyone’s surprise, succeeds! Only, the clownish character is not determined to grant wishes this time, preferring to reveal an unspeakable and sudden hatred towards Tatsuya. Following which he fled, taking the souls of Eikichi’s buddies, promising punishment for the mistakes of the past. The stunned fine team then set off in pursuit of the Joker, and thus crosses paths with Maya Amano and Yukino Mayuzumi (coming from Persona first of the name) journalists to the magazine Coolest. Which join in this game of cat and mouse with the man in white and questions in the head, but especially death in the buttocks.

Download Persona 2 Tsumi – Innocent Sin PS1 ISO Free Online

Game Name:Persona 2 Tsumi – Innocent Sin
Console:Sony PlayStation
Game Release:1999-06-24
Languages:English (patched)
Image Format:BIN/CUE


Persona_2_-Tsumi[SLPS-02100][TRAD-Eng].rar Onedrive660mb

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