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Download Pandora’s Tower WII DEC / NKit Free Online

Download Pandora’s Tower WII DEC / NKit

In the kingdom of Imperia, war rages on. Its main belligerent, the warrior country of Athos, continues to put pressure on the people of the empire, leading to famine, increased murders and crimes, shortage of crops, etc. Then, a provisional armistice was signed between the two countries. Imperia did not, of course, fail to celebrate the event. There was then a crowd on the Grand-Place of the capital, agglutinated, pressed around this massive platform of flesh marble, surmounted by a dancing, singing and sparkling procession. Then, under a blue sky of Caribbean purity, a young girl with the voice of a jay comes forward to sing. Innocence strokes her hair, love shines in her eyes, voluptuousness accompanies her every move. It represents the new peace, Elena. Suddenly, in a maelstrom of noise, pain and screaming, the crowd bustles violently and disperses to the four corners of the city: they flee from the huge creature that has just appeared in the capital. Aeron, hero of this story, close to Elena and paradoxically a soldier of Athos present in the crowd, goes to rescue his beloved in the surrounding mess. When he finds her, she is lying on the ground unconscious, seems hurt, but more astonishing, is in the company of a funny little woman (of her first name Mavda) with cloudy intentions and elusive character. This is the chain: Mavda informs you that Elena has a dark curse that turns her into a more shapeless beast every day. To ward off fate, it will be necessary to go in search of the “flesh” of the twelve masters who sit in the twelve towers which stand in the center of a gigantic abyss, connected to the mainland by chains of a length that seems infinite. . This place is unlike anything man has built before. Elena, meanwhile, will have to eat that thrilling flesh that Aeron has harvested for her if she is to keep her human form.

Download Pandora’s Tower WII DEC / NKit Free Online

Game Name:Pandora’s Tower
Game Release:April 13, 2012
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Germany, Italy
Image Format:Dec / NKit


DEC / NASOSPandora’s_Tower_(USA)_(En,Fr,Es).7zOnedrive2.17GB

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