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Download Okami WII DEC / NKit Free Online

Download Okami WII DEC / NKit

Okami is above all a unique adventure from a brilliant studio, one of the few still capable of releasing an innovative game. If the gameplay would tend to make it the Zelda of Play, the many additions completely prevent the use of the word plagiarism, the overtaking student may even be the master. Whether it’s the use of the brush replacing the overly heavy inventory of most A-RPGs, the fabulous atmosphere of a story set in a rich world steeped in mythological reference, or the magnificent graphics with a distinctive style. Another “must have” with this exciting game that will literally stick you to the controller for forty hours of pure happiness.

Download Okami WII DEC / NKit Free Online

Game Name:Okami
Game Release:June 13, 2008
Languages:English, French, Germany
Image Format:Dec / NKit


DEC / NASOSOkami USA.7zOnedrive2.89GB

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