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Download Muramasa The Demon Blade WII DEC / NKit Free Online

Download Muramasa The Demon Blade WII DEC / NKit

Two destinies linked by the mastery of Oboro Style …
Momohime, deceased princess, saw her body possessed by the spirit of a samurai, heir to the ancestral art of Oboro. Condemned to follow him in his quest in the hope of recovering his body, she will find herself facing a merciless clan war …
Keisuke, an amnesiac Ninja who suddenly finds himself master of Oboro Style, will go in search of his memory and his beloved. What are the events that led him to lose his memory? Where does this sudden mastery of the katana come from? These are the questions that run through his path.
Cherry blossoms, a snow-capped mountain, the heat of hell and the glow of paradise will not be enough to stop these two destinies moved by their will and the thread of the Demon Blades …

Download Muramasa The Demon Blade WII DEC / NKit Free Online

Game Name:Muramasa The Demon Blade
Game Release:September 8, 2009
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Germany, Italy
Image Format:Dec / NKit


DEC / NASOSMuramasa-The Demon Blade USA.7zOnedrive808mb

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