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Download Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn ISO Free Online

Download Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn ISO

Magic Knight Rayearth is a RPG video game published by SEGA, Working Designs released on 1995 for the SEGA Saturn.
It all starts with the visit of the Tokyo Tower (you know the reproduction of our national Eiffel Tower;)) by school children. While a young girl named Hikaru is a little lost, her dog arrives (absurd you said?). The latter, wanting to prevent him from causing damage, pursues him to get her hands on him. Once this one caught with the help of two other girls (named Fuu and Umi) a strong glow appears and suddenly they have the vision of a young woman asking the “Magic Knight” to help her. The glow finally dissipated, the three girls find themselves in an unknown world bearing the name of “Cefiro”. They will quickly meet a magician, Clef, who will teach them that they are the legendary Magic Knight and that they were called from their world to save Cefiro … I say no more and fans of the ‘anime should (I guess eh) know the storyline inside out.

Download Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn ISO Free Online

Game Name:Magic Knight Rayearth
Game Release:1995
Publisher:SEGA, Working Designs
Image Format:BIN/CUE



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