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Download Little King’s Story WII DEC / NKit Free Online

Download Little King’s Story WII DEC / NKit

The intro of the game opens directly on our hero, at this point an innocent kid making up stories with his puppet theater. About to go to sleep, the little man found himself disturbed by rats, which cheerfully attack his toy. Neither one nor two, the little boy runs after them, and ends up plunging into a thick forest at the end of which he will not find the dirty beasts … but instead a curious crown. And now, barely resting on his head, Corobo, the aptly named, finds himself inducted into the king of the kingdom of Alpoko in two strokes of the pot. Supported by Howser, the knight with the cow who is a little “Donquichottien” on the edges (and his faithful steed, Pancho), Verde, the acerbic manager, and Liam, a fat bastard self-proclaimed “Omnipotent Minister”, Corobo will have to give back to Alpoko its former grandeur, and also conquer neighboring kingdoms to unify the country. And that with only a small piece of land on which sits a shabby castle, a gaping hole in the cash register and a handful of subjects not really motivated, which means that there will be work.

Download Little King’s Story WII DEC / NKit Free Online

Game Name:Little King’s Story
Game Release:July 21, 2009
Publisher:Cing, XSEED Games
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Germany, Italy
Image Format:Dec / NKit


DEC / NASOSLittle_King’s_Story_(USA)_(En,Fr,Es).zipOnedrive4.30GB

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