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Download Final Exam PSN (EUR) PS3 PKG Free Online

Final Exam is a pure, action-rich 2.5D side-scroller, drenched in the blood and caustic humor inspired by the teen and horror movie genres! Playable alone and in cooperative mode (local & online), Final Exam lets you play as one of four unlikely heroes; students, each with unique skills and abilities that develop throughout the adventure. Geared toward action and all-out brawling, Final Exam’s combat emphasizes combos, follow-up attacks, and score-multipliers! Survive against packs of monsters trying to skin you alive, discover new weapons, and complete objectives throughout a variety of huge, non-linear levels. Overshooting the scores will earn you experience points to level your character up, unlocking new weapons, skills, and other devastating abilities! At any time, you can even get back to some of earlier levels to try your new toys and beat your scores!

GAME NAME: Final Exam
RELEASE: November 5, 2013
GENRE: Action
VER: NPEB01409
Format: PKG

Download Final Exam PSN (EUR) PS3 PKG Free Online


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