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Download Fate/Extra PSP ISO Free Online

Download Fate/Extra PSP ISO

Fate / Extra is a RPG video game published by Aksys Games released on November 1, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.
Note: This game comes with voices in Japanese.
No memories, no history, no name, a frozen high school where the same day is repeated over and over again. Then the arrival of a boy dressed all in red, Leonardo Bistario Harway, who appears in front of the lambda high school student who will become our avatar, and who proclaims his imminent accession to the rank of ruler of the world before disappearing. And when our amnesiac protagonist tries to find this mysterious boy, it is to enter a strange digital maze where a curious doll will beat him to death; he owes his salvation only to the intervention of a Servant, incarnation of a heroic figure in history who will ally himself with him: he therefore becomes the 128th and last participant in the war – or rather the tournament of the Grail, this mythical artifact that can make all wishes come true. He also learns that he is just a bunch of data trapped in this high school, a virtual universe created specifically for this battle by the Moon Cell, an ancient and overpowering computer located on the moon and built by a civilization that predates civilization. human. Sorry ? Barely recovered from the shock, he is taught the rules of the game, or rather THE rule: killed or be killed, only one winner at the end, the others will be part of the story. Our hero then becomes a sheep among wolves, not knowing who he is, what he is doing there and where his real body may be, without suspecting for a single second of the role he will have to play in this tournament.

Download Fate/Extra PSP ISO Free Online

Game Name:Fate/Extra
Game Release:2011-11-01
Publisher:Aksys Games
Image Format:ISO


Fate-Extra_(USA).zip Onedrive1.07GB

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