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Download Dragon Force Saturn ISO Free Online

Download Dragon Force Saturn ISO

Dragon Force is a Tactical RPG video game published by Working Designs released on 1996 for the SEGA Saturn.
the classic hero, Wein, rules Highland at the head of a troop of soldiers. Next is Leon (Topaz), who has an army of monks. Bozack is led by Gongos, a beast man (and a beast man too …) with troops composed of … beasts. Mikhal, leader of the Japanese kingdom of Izumo, naturally leads an army of samurai (I admit that it is towards him that my heart has tilted). Juno, monarch of the Tristan kingdom has harpies. The sorceress Teiris reigns over Palemoon, and will go to the pipe breaker with archers.

Download Dragon Force Saturn ISO Free Online

Game Name:Dragon Force
Game Release:1996
Publisher:Working Designs
Image Format:BIN/CUE



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