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Download CRASH: Autodrive Switch NSP Free Online

CRASH: Autodrive is a narrative adventure set in the near future where nobody drives and self-driving Autocabs rule the city streets. It’s just a normal day when four strangers get into an Autocab, but they are quickly thrust into danger when the car impossibly hits a cyclist. When they exit the car, they discover they all know the victim and they all have a motive for murder! Even the car’s artificial intelligence! You play as Emily, a young woman from a small town trying to make it in the big city. You will get to know your fellow passengers, and the car’s A.I. as you investigate clues, solve puzzles, and use the clues you find to contradict lies, explore new conversations, and piece together the mystery of who killed Thomas Sinclair!

Release Year: August 31, 2021
Genre: Adventure, Communication, Role-Playing, Simulation
Developer: Studio Nightcap
Publisher: Studio Nightcap
Format: NSP
ID= 01005AE0125F0000
Language: English
Required firmware: 12.0.2
Size: 960 MB

Download CRASH: Autodrive Switch NSP Free Online


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