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Download Angry Alligator Switch NSP + UPDATE Free Online

Come on down to the swamp and go on an adventure like no other! Start as a small baby gator and grow into the biggest, baddest reptile around. Eat everything that moves, and more, so you can grow big and strong to face all challenges ahead. The fate of the swamp and all that reside within, lies on your scaled shoulders! Horrible hoomans have taken over and only you can scare them away! But never fear! You won’t be alone. Listen to the words of Wisecroc – the wisest croc in town – as he guides you along the squishy and swampy path to gator greatness.

Release Year: October 19, 2021
Genre: Adventure, Action, Simulation, Role-Playing
Developer: BACKUP PLAN
Publisher: Orange One
Format: NSP
ID= 0100A78012A76000
Language: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English
Required firmware: Base=12.1.0 / UPD=13.0.0
Size: 855.5 MB

Download Angry Alligator Switch NSP + UPDATE Free Online


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