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Download Amazing Superhero Squad Switch NSP Free Online

How easy you think it is to solve all the problems of a cursed city and not go insane? Lead a team of superheroes, save Storborg City from looming disasters and beat your dishonourable rivals. Amazing Superhero Squad is a vivid superhero corporation sim. Keep your corporation running. Don’t let the main stats reach zero. Solve city’s and your employees’ problems. Exciting story. Rivals are on alert. Unmask conspiracies within your corporation and edge out your rivals. Build a dream squad. Combine heroes with different stats for best efficiency and please, don’t get them all killed.

Release Year: May 25, 2022
Genre: Strategy, Management, Business / Tycoon
Publisher & Developer: Siberian Koala
Format: NSP
ID= 0100ED4017AD2000
Language: Russian, American English
Required firmware: 13.2.1
Size: 1.46GB

Download Amazing Superhero Squad Switch NSP Free Online


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